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CRM features


Moving Estimate

Easy to use interface and color scheme will ease up the day for sales person. Color coded hints and filling meters will help you booking files with all needed information. Nothing forgotten, or you get a warning message.

Email Templates

You have the freedom of creating and adjusting your own emailing templates. Slafy CRM also offer help with designing and beautifying your templates so your email looks remarkable and different from any other moving company.


The easiest way to assign a crew and jobs on the truck. Crew can be assigned once and changed on one day if needed. Drag and drop. Email movers. You will see all needed information on the card so the right crew gets the right job.


You can provide your customer with the total within a few seconds. Moving company CRM will calculate it using your formula.


Amazing software to keep tracking on your booked jobs, estimates etc.


No need to use a paper or call the office to book your customer. Your estimator will be able to do it from his device in front of the customer. Different mode of inventory will help to make it faster with perfect accuracy.

CRM software for moving company

But which one to choose from? There are so many of them out there. Well, think about it this way: when you purchase a new pair of shoes for yourself do you just take the first one on the shelf or you try a few options first? Some may say it's different with CRM for moving companies, but you have all the specs to look at.

Just like you pick your shoes - you have to make sure your new CRM for moving company got everything your business needs and more. Because you grow and new technology hits up the surface your moving CRM software must be equipped and upgraded along with the market and moving companies' needs. Check our features - we've covered every single need in our product!

Why to choose our CRM
for moving company?

Best Prices Ever

Along with the best service, you will receive the best price on the market. If you are thinking of switching your CRM software for a moving company we will match the total of your current provider and give you a lot more functionality on top of it.

Latest Technologies

Our team of frontend and backend developers created most advanced features and technologies. You can work from desktop, laptop, touch pad or even from your smartphone.

Reliable and Flexible

We are working hard for our customers and provide top shelf service. Individual approach to every aspect of your moving company. There are no moving company that work under the exact same CRM system. There is always something to adjust and customize. We're here for you.

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Get started with essential CRM tools: unlimited contacts, basic functionalities, and secure storage. No cost, no commitment.

Speed Efficiency

Boost efficiency with our ultra-fast, high-precision tools. Experience streamlined, intuitive workflows for superior, optimized performance.


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Our Free Plan offers essential tools: unlimited move tracking, client management, efficient scheduling, and inventory oversight.

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done Unlimited number of trucks and fleet workers can be added
done Basic usage account holders get access to all features of our CRM besides the ones that listed below
done Superior protection for your data and your clients' privacy
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Elevate your moving business with our Exclusive CRM Plan, designed for those who demand the ultimate in personalization and efficiency.
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done Unlimited users
done Tailored features designed to meet the unique demands of your moving company
done Direct access to our expert team for bespoke solutions and guidance
done Superior protection for your data and your clients' privacy
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